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 THE DAFFODILS Summary | English 50 Marks | Inter Exam 2020 | The daffodils summary class 12th Board Exam 2020

 THE DAFFODILS Summary English 50 Marks


The Poem “The Daffodils” has been composed by one of the greatest poets of the Romantic period, William Wordsworth. He is called the priest of nature because he simply composes poems on nature. The Daffodils is the best example of his nature poems. He is fed up with the French revolution and comes back from France to London and starts living in the lap of nature. He is wandering one place to another in a beautiful natural sight where there are vallies (घाटियाँ) hills (पहाड़ियाँ) a lake, green fields of grass and full of charming trees. He is wandering here and there as freely as the cloud does. All at once he looks at many golden flowers of daffodils beside the lake and beneath the tree, they are dancing in the breeze. He says that just as stars twinkle and shine in the sky, in the same way these flowers of daffodils are spreading their beauty here. He says that just as stars beautify on milky way in the same way flowers beautify on earth. The flowers of daffodils are welcoming the visitors and attracting towards themselves. He says that just as stars are unlimited in the sky in the sameway the flowers of daffodils are unlimited here. He is very happy to visit such a charming sight of nature. He comes back from the place, but it is unforgetable sight to him. Whenever he feels tension or loneliness, those flowers of daffodils start flashing upon his inward eyes. To remind those flowers, he forgets his tension and his heart becomes full of pleasure and starts dancing with daffodils. By this poem, he wants to say that nature is our best friend that takes our pain and gives us real happiness of life. So we should make friendship with nature. It is an interesting poem of the poet, William Wordsworth.

Lap of nature- प्राकृति की गोद में,  Fed up with- उब जाना, Wander – घूमना-फिरना, Charming- मनमोहक,  Cloud- बादल, all at once-अचानक,  beside- बगल में, beneath- के नीचे, bridze- ठण्डी हवा,twinkle- टिमटिमाना, Shine- चमकना, Spread- बिखेरना, beautify- सुन्दर बनाना, Loneliness- अकेलापना, Remind- याद दिलाना, flash- चमकना, Pleasure- खुशी, Pain- दर्द, Compose-लिखना, तैयार करना

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