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English 50 marks Poem IF SUMMARY inter Exam 2020 Simple Language जो तुरंत याद हो जायेगा जरूर पढ़ें !

English 50 marks Poem IF SUMMARY

The poem “If” has been written by Rudyard Kipling who is a lie famous poet of modern age. He took birth in Mumbai (India) but he got his education in England and settled  down there. He did much in the field of English literature therefore he was given the Nobel prize in 1907. He got the citizenship of England therefore he was called the nobel winner of that country (England) but in India, Rabindra Nath Tagore is the first nobel winner who won the Nobel prize in 1913. By this poem the poet wants to teach the lesson of morality, passion  honesty and truth in the life of human beings. He says that if some body wants to complete his dream, the people of the society start disturbing and blaming  him so that! he may not complete his ambition  He says that the people of society look gentle but by nature they are jealous (gold) and selfish. They do not want to see some body’s progressing. He advises that if somebody thinks or dreams.in his life, It is not bad but it should not be taken seriously in real life because dreams and thoughts are fictitious  They do not belong to real life. He advises to make compromise in life according to time and situation so that life may be full of joy. At last he says that if some body follows the given advice, he will be a perfect man on earth. It is a very fantastic  poem.

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