English 50 Marks
English 50 Marks

English 50 Marks ‘OUR OWN CIVILIZATION ‘ Objective Question Inter Exam 2020


English 50 Marks ‘OUR OWN CIVILIZATION ‘ Objective Question Inter Exam 2020 ,bihar board 12th model paper 2020 pdf in hindi , bihar board english 50 marks objective 2020

1. Our own civilization is penned by 

(A) C.E. M. Joad 

(B) J. C. Hill

(C) Robert Lynd 

(D) A. G. Gardener

 Answer ⇒ A

2. C.E.M. Joad was an inhabitant of 

(A) Russia 

(B) France

(C) London 

(D) Germany 

 Answer ⇒ C

3. ‘Machines have become enevitable can be inferred from the lesson

(A) Our own civilization

(B) Good Manners

(C) Forgetting 

(D) On Letter writing

 Answer ⇒ A

4 .Man has invented machines to save

(A) Time and energy 

(B) pleasure

(C) labour 

(D) boredom 

 Answer ⇒ A

5. In disputes between man and man right has taken the place of 

(A) flight 

(B) fight (C) might 

(D) night 

 Answer ⇒ C

6. A developed civilization ensures safety and order to its civilization by dint of

(A) rule of law 

(B) crime

(C) punishment 

(D) entertainment

 Answer ⇒ A

7. Higher activities of mankind which make up civilization could not go on without :

(A) safety 

(B) environment

(C) electricity 

(D) amusement 

 Answer ⇒ A

8. Except for a short period under which empire, there have been order  and safety in Europe only during the last two hundred years.

(A) Roman 

(B) China

(C) British 

(D) Egypt

 Answer ⇒ A

9. Today civilized men should in their ordinary daily lives be practically  free from the fear of

(A) Non-violence 

(B) violence

(C) endurance 

(D) self-pity 

 Answer ⇒ A

10. What is as necessary as to our civilization as the air 

(A) mankind 

(B) safety

(C) science

(D) environment

 Answer ⇒ A

11. …… is a great achievement of today life. 

(A) fear of non-violence

(B) satyagraha

(C) theft 

(D) violence

 Answer ⇒ B

 12. Illness is no longer a terrible thing due to prevalence of 

(A) anaesthetics 

(B) surgery

(C) X-ray 

(D) city-scan

 Answer ⇒ A

 13. Nothing can be enjoyed in the absence of 

(A) health 

(B) good manners

(C) civilization 

(D) longevity

 Answer ⇒ C

14. Modern civilization has been compared to 

(A) oasis 

(B) desert

(C) rituals 

(D) savegery

 Answer ⇒ A

15. The world has become a single whole, a unity due to 

(A) communication 

(B) wars

(C) revolutions 

(D) religion

 Answer ⇒ A

16. “The Iron curtain” is associated with 

(A) Russia 

(B) Brazil

(C) India 

(D) China

 Answer ⇒ A

17. What will be far from perfect until everyone gets his proper share of necessary and delightful things ?

(A) civilization 

(B) poverty

(C) development 

(D) mankind

 Answer ⇒ A

18. Europe and America have been symbolised with the epithet 

(A) South Block 

(B) Western Block

(C) Eastern Block 

(D) Central Block

 Answer ⇒ B

19. Russia and the Nations of Eastern Europe were called 

(A) Eastern Block 

(B) Western Block

(C) North Block 

(D) Central Block

 Answer ⇒ A

20. “The next world war will be fought with bows and arrows” is a statement taken from

(A) Our own civilization

(B) On letter writing

(C) Forgetting

(D) With the photographer

 Answer ⇒ A

 21. The chief hope of the world in the future depends upon our ability to set up some form of-

(A) World government

(B) Prosperity

(C) Democracy 

(D) State govt.

 Answer ⇒ A

 22. The coveted title of ‘Stern Master’ is bestowed to 

(A) Machines 

(B) Factory

(C) Industry 

(D) None of these .

 Answer ⇒ A

 23. Machines save our 

(A) time 

(B) money

(C) comforts 

(D) None of these

 Answer ⇒ A

 24. “Our own civilization” has been adapted from 

(A) Prose with a purpose

(B) forgetting

(C) On letter writing 

(D) None of these

 Answer ⇒ A

25. “Our own Civilization’ is written by ……...... 

(A) J.C. Hill 

(B) A.G. Gardiner

(C) C.E.M. Joad 

(D) R. Lynd

 Answer ⇒ C

 26. Men invented machines because .. 

(A) they were lazy

(B) they were smart

(C) they wanted to make life easier

(D) they wanted to destroy the world.

 Answer ⇒ C

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