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English 50 marks, THE ECHO Summary | English 50 Marks Inter Exam 2020 summary of echo poem class 12

 THE ECHO Summary English 50 Marks 

The Poem “Echo” has been composed by a Modern poet, Walter De La Mare who is a famous British poet of England. He generally composes poems on simple topic. ‘Echo’ means the reflection of sound. In this poem we find that there is a question in the mind of the poet, the question is why the sound echoes. He tries much to know the suitable answer of his question but he is unable to get it therefore he chooses an entire place which is full of thick trees where air can’t cross from one side to another. After arriving there he says ‘who called?’ As soon as the sentence ‘who called?’ comes out from his mouth, it starts echoing through out the place and birds start flying here and there in the sky. He feels that because of the collision of Sun rays and leaves of the trees, the sound echoes but
verysoon he becomes dissatisfied with it and now he feels that in this forest there is a strange creature which is as fixed as a tree & it can speak as a man can speak but once again he becomes dissatisfied with it. Now the poet changes his sentence to know the reason of echoing sound and he says “who cares”? As soon as he says so, it starts echoing throughout the place, he realises that there is no strange creature here but it happens because of the power of the earth and atmosphere. He gets satisfaction and comes back from the place. We can say that it is his best experimental poem.

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